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My name is ADEWALE DAMILOLA DAVID, aka “Fresh Prince Lomo”. I am an Afropop singer and rapper. In my music, I sometimes also fuse Trap music with Fuji.


How long have you been into music?

For a while now but professionally, 7years.


What do you mostly talk about in your music?

Life generally. When I record, it’s based on how I feel and the things I see going on.


What inspires you?

Life is the biggest inspiration. It is a mirror through which I can perceive myself.


Is it just music for you, or are you involved in other things outside music?

Yes I am. I’m a graphic designer. I draw, and I’m also into fashion. I run a clothing line called Smart Track.


What are you working on currently?

More songs! Currently, I have a new single and video out, titled “All Time Spender”. I’m also dropping another song soon in which I featured Skiibii.


Are you signed to any record label?

Yes! Gifted Hands Music.


Who are your musical influences?

9ice! He’s been my hero from way back. He supported me, and I did a song with him back in 2012.


What’s your take on the Nigerian music industry? Do you think artistes in your class can make head way, given the numbers of talented artist?

Yes sure! I’m bringing something like never before, a new sound.


For how long have you been signed to your record label and how did the signing happen?

Well, we have been together for long just like family, before the business started.


How long do you intend to do music?

Forever, for as long as I can.


What are your long term goals?

Growing my clothing line to the level of Gucci, Puma and others. Also to be a musical legend.


Which Nigerian artist would you like you work with right now?

Davido! I love his energy.


Words for your growing fans  and music lovers out there?

Please don’t give up on me. I’m coming up strong and stronger. Your love and support is all I need to get going.

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